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Case Study: Finding the Right Software Solution for KCADC

October 16, 2018

The Situation

The Kansas City Area Development Council had multiple IT and software platforms, including email, CRM, task boards, investor relations, contact database, project management, etc., and it was time to bring these disparate systems under one platform.

The Solution

MarksNelson Smart Technology developed a Digital Solution Assessment (DSA) that identified the council’s current situation and their needs going forward. The initial meeting began with an overview of the nine different systems that were designated to be modified and integrated into a single platform. Next, meetings were set up to discuss each of the nine systems, their current processes, and what worked and what needed to change.

MarksNelson Smart Technology then compiled their research findings into the DSA and the result of the process gave KCADC three options: build their own custom software or customize one of two existing software solutions – Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365. After considering the options, budgets, and KCADC’s needs, the leadership at KCADC chose to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For KCADC, the best solution for their software needs was buying existing software that fulfilled their technology software requirements.

Deciding whether to build or buy or do a combination of both when it comes to software is more complex than simply taking advantage of a free trial or watching a demo. Finding the best software solution for a company means taking the time to investigate the company’s current situation, assess the company’s needs, and factor in other considerations, such as budgets and level of customization. MarksNelson streamlines that process for companies using their Digital Solution Assessment. Our Smart Technology consultants spend time getting to know the company and understanding the way employees use their current systems. They also dig in to discover what needs the company has that are going unmet by the current system.

Every company is unique, and MarkNelson’s Smart Technology Digital Solution Assessment helps lead companies to the best solution for them – whether that means buying, building or a combination of both.  

When we sit down together – as partners – we share the same goal: Find the best solution to help you succeed. Ready to take the smart move forward? Contact your MarksNelson Smart Technology professional at 816-743-7700.

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