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First Session of 20 up to 40: Leadership Development Training

October 7, 2015


group discussion


Matt Schulte and Michael Herber are participating in the KSCPA 20 up to 40 Leadership Program. This program connects them with other emerging leaders in the state of Kansas as well as current leaders within the KSCPA. It also gives them some exposure to how the state society operates. The first of five sessions within the program took place in Wichita, KS on July 23 and 24. This first session focused on leadership development with Dr. Gerald Graham of Wichita State University.

Dr. Graham is an expert on management and leadership. The two day leadership class gave us an entirely new perspective on what leadership means. During the class we discussed how leaders exert influence, how to practice collaborative influence, and generational issues in the workplace. Most of the class focused around group discussion. We were presented a series of real life situations and had to come to a group consensus on what type of influence you would exert in order to resolve the situation. We definitely received some tips and techniques to bring back with us to the office. We even received a copy of Dr. Graham’s book!

On day one we were given our class assignment. The KSCPA leadership team has given us the task of developing a project that helps the society tackle one of their “Big Rock” strategic initiatives: membership development, marketing, financial literacy and technology just to name a few. We can approach the project as an entire class or break into groups and tackle smaller initiatives. This first session required some discussion on what initiatives to pursue and we will solidify our projects over the next couple sessions.