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What You Need To Know: Kansas Commercial Property Tax Appeal Deadlines

June 8, 2020

For many states, there is one opportunity to appeal your property tax assessment. However, property owners in Kansas have a unique benefit with a total of three (3) opportunities to appeal the value of their property. This is often confusing, so keep reading to learn about the different occasions to enact an appeal in Kansas.

  1. When you receive the property's assessment notice in the spring (generally in February or March), you can appeal by contacting the county appraiser within 30 days of the date the notice was mailed. Once you start this appeal, be sure to pursue it to your satisfaction. If you abandon or drop your appeal, you cannot appeal later for the same property and tax year.

  2. If you did not appeal the assessment notice of your property's value as stated above, you may later pay under protest when you receive your tax statement (usually in November). When you make the payment, submit a form to the county treasurer that states you are filing a payment under protest. Whether you pay half or all of your tax, you must file the form by December 20.

  3. The third opportunity for appeal is available if you already paid half of your property tax bill. If so, you may file a payment under protest for the second half of the payment, which is due May 10 of the following year. Be aware that you will not be able to pay taxes under protest if you already appealed the valuation notice on the same property for the same tax year.

Other states do not have property tax laws that allow you three opportunities to protest commercial property tax valuation. Most have one statutory deadline that is the same date every year, or they only allow for a tax appeal within 30 days from the date notice was mailed. If you have questions or need assistance to appeal your commercial property tax, give us a call.

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