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Why Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises Need to Embrace Technology

November 13, 2018

 Technology is propelling the business world forward at lightning speed. As a result everyone is trying to figure out the best way to use digital solutions to make their business more efficient. This is especially critical for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises. But where do you start? It really comes down to being able to leverage the same technology that the big guys can. Here's three steps to take in order to harness the power and move your business forward.

1. Identify Goals

The first thing is to do is take a step back and develop a clear plan. You need to understand what your business is - what are the needs? What is the long-term strategy? By answering these questions you can start building the foundation for both immediate and future goals. 

2. Creating a Roadmap

Now that you have your foundation you can start building a roadmap with the help of a solutions architect.This will allow you to understand where your company is going to see the greatest benefits, because you can start collecting data but if it's not tracked to the company's strategy you might be collecting the wrong data. Therefore, you have a history of data that is not ultimately going to help you. 


 3. A Customized Approach

Creating a digital roadmap is not a one-size fits all process. Some companies will benefit from IoT technologies, others business process software. One of the things to remember is the entire end-to-end solution may be customized but the components along the way will be things that are generally available. Our technology consultants might recommend things like Cradlepoint routers, free-wave radios or Azure services. It's really about how you glue all those pieces together which is the custom piece for each company. A good digital roadmap brings the hardware, networking and software solutions together.

Bottom line, SME's need to make the jump now in order not to get swallowed up by the competition. Need help leveraging technology to your advantage? Contact your MarksNelson Smart Technology professional at 816-743-7700 to learn more about our Digital Solutions Assessment



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